Martin Brant
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            The Partisans

They were told the objective was important.  They were not told what
the satchel contained.  They had no reason to believe their
involvement would help shorten the war, or save countless lives, or
cause them to have to leave France.  They didn’t know their own lives
would soon hang by a thread; or that, in the end, a lifetime of
loneliness would forever be left behind.
* * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
Reflective Male Fiction
Martin Brant, author of the successful novel Five Married Men, brings us to
occupied France during the Second World War and the times of the Holocaust. In
this time of fear and oppression, the story follows a few weeks of the lives of black
American Ethan Jones and French Adrienne Follett, members of the French
resistance, and Jhan Strauss, a German defector. Martin  succeeds with his easy
to read style how these three individuals with totally different personalities cross
paths, come to know each other and win each other's friendship and love in a
period where trust is hard to find.
The Partisans is a well written page turner.

Like in
Five Married Men, Martin Brant describes the wonders of human diversity
The Partisans in his unique way. He is a brilliant author who, with his work,
contributes to the global acceptance of the love between two human beings,
regardless their gender or sexuality.
* * * * * * *
more and more of themselves and each other.  In the haunting desert
solitude, they set their stride toward a new horizon.  They love the mountains,
the sunsets and the poetry of the land, and they realize they have fallen in
love with each other.

Michael, beset with increasing pressure to revive his skills as a doctor, finds
it impossible to accept the responsibility.  Not until he and Justin face losing
everything they had found, do both realize yet another destiny in the Big
Bend.  Neither one could have foreseen the peril they would have to live
through first.

A tale of renewed dreams, of sensual adventure and the intriguing mysteries
of two men falling in love,
A Song in the Park is a celebration of human
diversity and a discovery that it's the simple things in life that matter.  
* * * * * * *
Topics of interest for like-minded men and curious women
A wife in love with two men.  A young man introduced to an exotic fetish by his
eccentric new girlfriend.  A teenage girl reduces an uncle’s moral code to ashes.
Two happily married men step onto a new path while
camping near a river.  A soldier and his male nurse
discover a new destiny.  A disenfranchised SS officer
is swayed by a temperamental Jewish saboteur.  A
misguided young wife is abducted and discovers what
really matters in life.
An aspiring student artist, smitten by a life model,
deals with the conflicts of a same-sex attraction.  A
woman born in a man’s body finds herself involved in
a romance before her final sex change procedure
Human diversity and unconventional relationships are
the fuel that fires these dramatic tales. Beyond
material pursuits, these stories delve into the soul, into
the emotions, the blood and muscle that make us
human, the essence ingrained in our fibers that guide
the lives of those of us who find themselves in
unexpected circumstances.
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Five Married Men

A Song in the Park

The Partisans

The Strange Haunting
Johnny Feelwater

Erotic Tales
Enlightened Minds
At odds with his sexuality in college, Johnny
Feelwater finds himself involved with the boy
in the dorm room across the hall. Then
everything changes the day he meets Marilee.
They fall in love, wed, buy a home and he
begins a career in commercial art. Life is
normal for nine years, when the day comes the
phantoms from the past are reawakened.
His ancestral heritage catches up with him in
the form of Cassandra Mott. Once his
grandmother’s lover, Cassandra returns from
the dead to begin a new life in Savannah. Bent
on revenge, she blames Johnny for her lover’s
premature death. Johnny is drawn into her
supernatural world of conniving and
debauchery and soon finds himself
reintroduced to his own misguided genes.
The Strange Haunting of Johnny Feelwater
Set in historic Savannah, Georgia, The Strange Haunting of Johnny Feelwater, is
an engaging tale of male emotions and sexuality, set in a supernatural realm that
could very well secretly exist.
Nothing will ever be the same for Michael
Anderson, a renowned San Diego surgeon, after
losing a little girl on the operating table.  He
blames himself, rightfully, having stayed out the
night before to indulge in his exotic nightlife.

A half continent away, Justin Brooks leaves his
bride-to-be standing at the altar when he runs
from the church as if it were full of vampires.  
Leaving his hometown behind in a fog of guilt and
self-doubt, he finds solace in the vast desert
wilderness of far west Texas, as a ranger in Big
Bend National Park.
Ethan Jones came to France long before the
war started.  He loved Paris—the lively cafés,
the easy friendships with the artists and
writers and whores.  When the Germans
invade France, everything changes.

Two years after he joins the Resistance,
Ethan takes an assignment in occupied
northern France.  The objective: Team up
with another partisan, Adrienne Follett, and
recover a satchel that went down in a single
engine plane just north of Reims.  Along the
way, they meet up with Jhan, a German
defector that ultimately wins their trust.  
Convinced Jhan is a Nazi hater, they allow
him to join the team.
What causes a man to risk his career and a
marriage of twenty years?  What comes into this
world with him that steals his thoughts and inspires
risks that others can't comprehend?  David Westin
knows.  He knows the power of a man's hand on
the arm of another man.  He has lain awake at
night long enough to realize this haunting need will
never allow him to go to his grave wondering what
might have been.  When the day comes his best
friend reveals a lifelong secret, their destiny is
uprooted and cast to the wind.

Together they enter a world of discovery, of elation
and joy, of heartache and deception and tears, of
physical adventure that neither one could have
imagined.  Setting themselves apart from the
general brotherhood of men, they hear the inner
voice that compels them to open a door they can
never close. One look inside their soul and you’ll
understand why this lawyer and contractor give in
to their urges
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Cassandra uses her brother's exotic beauty to systematically dismantle his life.
When he seeks help to free himself from Cassandra’s spell, he travels to Africa
where he meets up with a man who further complicates his life, in a way only
another man could.
* * * * * * *
A sequel to A Song in the Park
* * * * * * *
By the end of their first summer together, having
learned Michael has a fifteen -year-old son,
Michael and Justin decide their only option is to
fly to Boston and bring the boy home to Big
Bend.  The boy's mother, Michael's best friend in
college, had died in an auto accident and his aunt
planned to send him to military school if Michael
didn't want him.

Just as the realities of raising a teenager begin to
change Michael's life, a ghost from the past
comes back to haunt him.  His future medical
practise, his hopes and dreams of building a
charity clini
c rests on the outcome of a pending

Nevertheless, life goes on in the desert paradise
of Big Bend.  Not until Michael's rebellious son
meets a girl after he starts school, do things
finally start to normalize between father and son.
A tale of two men, of love and relationships both fragile and strong, A Part of My
brings back all the familiar faces, the glorious sunsets, the star filled nights
and the vast panoramas of far west Texas.
Their paths cross where the river and desert and
mountains meet the sky and a friendship is born.  
Together, as one day runs into another, they find
peace in the whispering hues and textures of the
arid land; and they begin to heal after\learning
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Erotic Tales
stories about
people who find
themselves facing
Most men would have difficulty talking about this novel, though many, alone in
quiet contemplation would feel its effect as deeply as the marrow of their bones.  
When guided by the chemistry they were born with, they are among those who
secretly feel like the fortunate few.  They recognize the magic of an intimate bond
with another man.
Copperas Cove
Murder, Romance & Intrigue
Jonathon’s marriage crashes around his head
when his wife finds him in the shower with
another man. He leaves Pittsburgh to start a new
life on the Mississippi Gulf coast.  Followed by
phantoms from the past, he sets out envisioning  
blissful solitude and long lazy Saturdays on warm
southern beaches.  Maybe he can find a
drugstore in Biloxi that needs a pharmacist.  
Maybe, if he meets the right woman, he can get
these misguided notions about men out of his
The generator on his ’48 Ford coupe goes out
fifty miles south of Tupelo, a long hot three mile
walk to the next town, an isolated hamlet called
Copperas Cove.  Temporarily stranded, he finds
himself having a hamburger at the Rexall soda
fountain, unaware that his destiny is taking
shape in the mind of a young woman three stools
down.  Betty Marie, the quixotic town flirt, has
taken an interest in him.  Jonathon soon learns,
if he’s looking for a job as a pharmacist, he came
to the right place.  Old man Peterson, the Rexall’
s ancient pharmacist, has been wanting to retire
for years  Betty Marie quickly points out, that
other than a beach, they don’t have anything in
Biloxi he can’t find right here in Copperas Cove.
Simpler times in another era.  An age old dilemma.  A small town in the deep
south. A brutal rape and murder.  An exiled husband facing life-changing events.  
The bigoted dramas of 1950’s Mississippi.  Ingredients all for a witches brew of
emotion, mystery and intrigue.  Copperas Cove weaves an unpredictable thread
through the lives of all concerned, a thread that leaves no one unchanged.
* * * * * * *