Who Would Think Reading Increases a Baby’s Intelligence

Reading can actually increase a baby’s intelligence functions. This can work if you read while your baby is still in your stomach. A baby’s brain starts to develop on the 26 week. That is five months if you can’t do the math. Moving on, a baby can be spoken to as it sleeps. A baby can hear and learn things from an early age. Language is learned quickly at birth. The baby brains can receive auditory stimulation from you and learn things that will take them less time to learn after birth. It is quite interesting that a child can be a genius if you study Physics and read it some complex logic. Crazy but true according to doctors and scientist today. More information on this topic below.

How Reading Affects Baby’s Intelligence

Sounds and touches make the baby more stimulated to learn. During the early stages of pregnancy, you can train your baby to recolonize sounds before they are born. Speak to them and let their brain hear it for the first time. Their brain will adapt to it and learn how to use it in a way it has never used it before. Read the baby the best books for pregnancy known online if you can’t think of something. The sounds the baby hears will be a foundation for learning more sounds and words. Speak to them and let the strange frequency enter their mind. Let the lines of different letters make arrange their brain to thinking in better light. Let them become something more then what they are now by reading to them.

Best Book Types to Read During Pregnancy

It matters what type of books you read to your little one. They are able to catch fear if you read horror stories. Stay away from those and give them something that is more light hearted. Feed their brain a piece of literature that is meant for them to make life seem easy. Don’t read them the harsh realities of life. Let them know what its like to be a adult in a light hearted tone. Red them some funny cartoons or funny stories. Doctors say, it is always best to read a pregnant child knowledge or funny things. It encourages them to be someone who take on challenges with the right attitude. That’s the way you got to be in this world. Looking at things in the wrong light will make everything seem bad.

How Often Should You Read to Your Baby

According to Google, you should read to your baby 15 to 20 minutes a day. Each day, you find a book to read to your baby and do it for 20 minutes. Pick something light hearted like I said before. The scary books can make your child more paranoid then they need to be. As for days, reading to them every day wouldn’t hurt. But, you can read to them once every 2 days. You should always go at your own pace. You do have other things you got to do in life. Just read to your baby when you have time and do it a lot if you want a baby that is really smart.


The Best Body Wash for Psoriasis

If you can find the best body wash for psoriasis, you will have to start using it instead of your regular soap or body wash as it can only make your condition worse. With the right soap and proper hygiene, you can help the dry, reddish patches that accompany this chronic autoimmune condition to heal faster, and possibly treat your condition.

What happens when you have psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic condition that affects the skin, scalp, nails, and even the joints. Available sources indicate that there are about three million cases each year in the US alone. Of the 7.5 million Americans who have psoriasis, nearly a quarter of this population are experiencing moderate to severe instances of the condition. This population is said to experience the negative effects of psoriasis on their quality of life.

When this chronic autoimmune condition breaks out, there will be reddish patches on the skin with silvery flakes that could be quite itchy at times. They may also create a burning sensation and might bleed if you try to rub them or remove the flakes. Some may also have painful joints, inflamed tendons, and stiff joints. Others may have observed the manifestations of the condition on their nails. In this case, it will be accompanied with some plaque or small dents on their nails.

Such a tremendous negative effect can cause one to be so concerned about how he or she looks with the patches of silvery flakes on his or her skin. Anyone who has a psoriasis flare-up will be too ashamed to walk around with those flakes exposed. This may also cause one to be so stressed and also depressed, making the condition even worse.

Where does psoriasis usually show up?

If you have the condition, you may notice that it will show up just anywhere in the body– on the face, scalp, nails, hands, feet, skin folds, and even on the genital areas. And as the skin on these different parts of the body is different, condition on each part of the body will require specific treatments.

How severe can your psoriasis be?

The severity of a psoriatic condition may be mild, moderate, or severe. Depending on the severity of the condition, your doctor may prescribe a different type of treatment to manage your condition. The severity of a psoriatic condition, on the other hand, is determined by how much area of the skin is affected by the condition.

Mild psoriasis. If psoriasis covers less than three percent of the body, experts consider there this as a mild case of the condition.

Moderate psoriasis. For a psoriatic condition that covers from about three to ten percent of the body, this is considered as a moderate case of psoriasis.

Severe psoriasis. If the condition covers about ten or more percent of the body, then it is considered a severe case of the condition.

Is psoriasis contagious?

Many of those who do not know much about the condition may be frightened to go near anyone who is manifesting the condition. The truth, however, is that psoriasis is not contagious and will heal with proper management.

Topical treatments, including moisturizers as well as creams and shampoos (either over the counter and prescribed), may be used to treat or manage mild psoriasis. For moderate to severe psoriasis, on the other hand, a combination of strategies may be used or prescribed by a dermatologist. Phototherapy and systemic medications may also be prescribed by a doctor, especially the condition has significantly affected a patient’s lifestyle even his or her temperament.

The Best Soap and Body Wash for Psoriasis

Using the right soap for your condition can shorten the length of a reaction to a psoriatic trigger. However, the right soap that you may use on the affected area of the skin will also depend on the severity of the flare up as well as your personal skin care need, so you can’t just use any soap to treat your psoriasis.

Tar soap, exfoliating soap, moisturizing soap, as well as oatmeal soap have been proven to improve the health of the skin and keep psoriasis at bay. Make sure that you use the right soap to help manage your condition, even heal your psoriasis.

Keeping your skin moisturized may not totally heal your psoriasis as there could be a thousand probable causes of this condition (including your genes). A moisturized skin will help with the itching sensation that psoriasis may cause, however. When using a soap intended to treat your condition, you need to make sure that you won’t rub your skin too much or stay in the shower longer than 10 minutes as this will just make your condition worse.

There are many options if you decide to purchase a psoriasis cure online. Just make sure that the product that you will buy will be appropriate for your condition. When in doubt, ask a doctor.


Properly Cleaning your Water Bottles

A re-usable bottle is eco-friendly. However, you ought to clean properly for hygiene purposes. We will help you understand how you can properly do so. There is even a section dedicated solely to help you clean your best glass water bottles.

Properly Cleaning your water Bottles

Useful Cleaning Tips

  • Use hot water and add lots of soap. That works well towards disinfecting your water bottle
  • Use liquid meant for dishwashing sparingly. Too much of it give you a hard time in getting rid of the bubbles.
  • In order to add onto the hygiene achievements, make use of sanitizing tablets.

All of the above applies for the inside as well as the outside. It would be a waste cleaning only the inside. Do this after every use, and you will have successfully kept germs at bay.

Step by Step Procedure

Since most water bottles are dishwasher friendly, many people would opt for the easy way out. It is effective too but unfortunately, it does not match up to the results of cleaning the bottle by hand. All you need is dishwashing liquid, hot water, and gloves if you like. Below are the steps to follow

Basic Cleaning

  • Fill your water bottle with hot water
  • Close it, shake, and pour out half of it
  • To create foam, add a small amount of dishwashing soap and shake
  • Dispense as much of it as you can through the caps opening if there is one. That helps clean the nozzle as well
  • Once done, rinse the water bottle thoroughly
  • Leave it to dry on the draining rack
  • Rinse once more before storing the bottle for next use

Deep Cleaning

  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and bleach to 4 liters of water
  • Fill the bottle with that solution and leave it for one night
  • Pour out the solution through the bottles opening or nozzle if there is one
  • Rinse extensively, making sure no remnants of the cleaning solution are left
  • Place the water bottle on a rack to dry
  • Rinse one more time before storing the bottle for reuse

Make sure you have read through the instructions on your bleaching agent. Some specifically prohibit mixing with some materials. They also go further and list instructions on safe usage.

Cleaning a Glass Water Bottle

The method used to clean a glass bottle will majorly depend on the substance stored. For instance, alcohol, syrup, oil, and milk leave dissimilar remains calling for diverse washing techniques. Many might avoid the struggle by simply using a dishwasher. Nonetheless, that option is not available to most and chances are, it will not do a thorough job. Here are manual ways of properly doing it.

  • Use hot water as with other bottles above. Take note, extremely hot water could shatter the glass, although most food-grade glass does not shatter easily
  • Use a mild bleaching agent, as above, minus the baking soda
  • Get some sanitizing tablets made for glass cleaning. Put them in and soak in warm water for 15-30 minutes.
  • Rinse the water bottle thoroughly
  • Use a no-rinse sanitizing solution to rid it of any germs


Cleaning water bottle for reuse works wonders in keeping the environment clean. Do it rightly, store them well, and you are assured of a hygienic way of carrying your drinks. You might even label your bottle to keep people from using them for other purposes. Also, some water bottles come with cleaning details. Such information could be useful too. Perhaps, a disadvantage of washing is the colors and decorations fading out. But that is a price worth paying for, in pursuit of clean ways of transporting your drinks.