Environment and No Small Impact on the Skin

Although we are constantly concerned about beauty care, we ignore the need for proper skin care and living environment. The environment around us not only has a certain impact on health but also directly affects the youthfulness of every skin.

We all know that excessive sun exposure can seriously affect skin health. But did you know that the quality of water, pollution and wind in your area also damage your skin? The important thing here is that not everyone is aware of this, causing the response to be not really cared properly.

To help you understand and prevent appropriately, let’s take a look at Hello Bacsi with some specific effects, details right below.

Impact from environmental pollution

Dr. Justine Hextall, a dermatologist at Harley Medical Group, said dust particles that exist in polluted air are microscopic, 10 to 20 times smaller than the pore size of we. Therefore, they are easy to penetrate deep into the epidermis of the skin, increase the likelihood of dermatitis and stimulate acne , rosacea and melasma .

In addition, due to the perforation of the ozone layer, ultraviolet rays are more in contact with the skin and damage the structure of your skin, make them worse and promote premature aging .

In addition, free radicals (also created by environmental pollution) are factors that regulate and increase harmful enzymes, break down collagen and elastin – the barrier that protects our skin, making The skin may be weaker, more sensitive, allergic, pimples; pigmented pigmentation, pigmentation and wrinkles will form.

Environment and No Small Impact on the Skin

Impact from water quality

Water, especially in large cities, often has some negative effects on your skin, because the water contains many cations of calcium (Ca2 +) and magnesium (Mg2 +). After using water, these alkaline minerals will be absorbed more on the skin, causing dry and irritated skin.

In case you have sensitive skin, water can lead to serious skin conditions like psoriasis (eczema) and rosacea.

Impact from the sun

No matter where you live and whatever the weather, sun protection is important for your skin’s health. Dr. Hextall explained that many of us do not really care about the importance of sunscreen. But excessive exposure to the sun can cause skin damage including premature skin aging, hyperpigmentation, and even skin cancer.

Therefore, it is always necessary to have a protective measure and appropriate for the skin at all times of the year. Sunlight exists two types of UV rays that are harmful to the skin: UVA and UVB. In particular, UVB rays are the main cause of dark spots, melasma and freckles because the skin must produce more melanin to resist.

Especially UVA rays, which are present every day in any weather condition: in winter as well as summer, on cloudy day as well as sunny day. Besides, dermatologists also say that UVA rays can easily penetrate the glasses and clothing, damaging the skin, causing skin to become rough and wrinkled. So you need to regularly use sunscreens with high SPF to protect skin from sun damage.

Impact from the wind

If you live in coastal areas, high winds will break down your skin’s protective barrier, affecting its ability to retain moisture. Cold or hot breeze will shrink blood vessels, causing the skin’s protective barrier to weaken, skin to become more dry and sensitive.

Impact from weather changes

Unpredictable weather changes in recent years have caused significant effects on your skin. Skin takes time to adjust, adapt to many different temperature conditions.

If the weather is dry, your skin will also become drier, dull and flaky. And if exposed to high temperatures, the skin will produce more oil, clogging pores that cause acne.

Skin protection measures

The above factors are something you cannot avoid, so you need to proactively protect, care and nourish your skin.

1. Deep cleaning

Dermatologist Erin Gilbert, at New York State University Medical Center in Brooklyn, emphasizes that deep cleansing every day is an important part of reducing the burden that pollution causes on our skin.

If you only use cleanser for a single cleaning step, then it is not possible to remove all the dirt, makeup residue, excess oil on your skin. Immediately apply the deep cleansing method ” Double Cleansing” to remove skin from environmental pollution.

2. Purifying the skin

The toxic waste facial skin is also very important, it is a further step of cleaning the skin. Exfoliating, using a regular cream will be great, but not enough! Our skin needs to clean out the toxins from the outside environment. Purification will help increase skin resistance, stimulate collagen fibers under the skin to work, helping the skin always smooth, healthy and ruddy.

3. Moisturize skin

Moisture is the best barrier for your skin, when the skin lacks the necessary moisture, toxic substances will easily penetrate the skin, causing many bad problems for the skin. So you need to make sure your skin is always hydrated and maintain the necessary moisture by drinking plenty of water, supplementing the foods needed, providing plenty of vitamins for the body.

Use skincare products that have good moisturizing effects on the skin, such as moisturizers or gels. Specifically, it’s vitamin C, E or retinol. These are antioxidants that heal the damaging effects caused by free radicals and give the skin a strong immune barrier system.

4. Scientific diet

A diet full of nourishing and healthy, helps the body to increase resistance, protect health and nourish healthy skin from deep within. You should include plenty of green vegetables at meals as well as foods rich in vitamins and collagen to supplement the body. Besides, you should focus on resting on time, relaxing to avoid stress in the body, causing bad effects on the skin.

It can be seen that the environment impacting on the skin is not small, it is one of the factors that can cause the skin to age quickly, dull, appear many wrinkles and severe damage. Depending on the living environment and skin condition of each person leads to the impact of pollutants on different skin. If you do not want the skin to be worse by the influence of the living environment, please refer to the suggestions above to apply properly.