How to Make Your Boss Like You

Being loved and cared for by the boss is not too difficult; it is important to know how to express it in a timely manner. Sometimes just a small action such as asking for advice and saying thanks or small gifts with messages world’s best boss makes your image good.

Do not compliment the new boss’s hairstyle or support the boss’s project. Instead, you should take the time to research how your boss thinks about you. Optimally or when the boss need to assign a task, he or she will look for a trustworthy person, which maybe you. Here is how you can become boss’s favorite:

How to Make Your Boss Like You?

Go to work early

Research from Michael G. Foster (University of Washington) suggests that employees who go to work early will be more loved by their bosses. Also, when evaluating the performance of your job, you will be scored higher than those who come late.

Ask for advice

You may be a little afraid to ask your boss about how they achieve success in today’s career or ask the boss’s advice about which direction you should go. However, according to research from Harvard Business School, asking your boss’s advice doesn’t make you stupid. But, it can make you best in the eyes of your boss, who is competent and capable.

Know how to draw the work

Knowing how to understand or arrange the work is what the boss really takes note of and expects from his employees. According to Dave Kerpen, the founder and CEO of the software company, “You will look better when you manage your own work. And by organizing and managing yourself, you will locate the software better in a more successful manner. Many times your boss doesn’t care if the marketing staff is late every day, as long as on Monday morning she’ll put up a big report for the company meeting“.

Set high goals

Folkman Zenger leadership development consultant spent over five years collecting 50,000 multi-dimensional assessments of more than 4,000 employees. According to his findings, one thing that can make employees progress is to set difficult goals. In other words, when setting and performing difficult tasks, it will help the person go further than they think.

Pay attention to the details

If you’re building yourself into a great role model, it’s best to start paying attention from the little things. Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite, wrote in a LinkedIn post that ” even the seemingly minor malfunction can greatly affect customers in the short term. You can gain trust by paying attention to these small errors.”

Be grateful

Expressing gratitude for your boss’s feedback – even if it’s negative – can make him more sympathetic to you. This is a 2011 study from the University of Southern California.

You can give a small gift to show your gratitude to the boss.

How to Make Your Boss Like You

Let’s take a look at suggestions to choose a super-smart “boss gift” to help you show your sincerity to make your boss happy.

People often say “Gift giving is an artistic sky”, and in the case of giving gifts to your boss, this statement is even more accurate.

A gift for a boss does not simply make the recipient feel sincerity and respect. But it must also contain subtlety, sensuality and of course not being too ostentatious.

Things to Note When Buying Gifts for Boss

  • For a gift, whether it is big or small, you need to be careful and meticulous. It may not need to be too high-end, but it needs to be luxurious, so it is worthy of the recipient.
  • It can be said that “hobby” is an important key to help you determine which gift is suitable for your boss. There is a basic principle when giving gifts, which is: “High-end, expensive gifts are not sure to receive satisfaction and appreciation with a winning gift at will”.
  • For gifts that are related to health, you should consult with your doctor. But should not arbitrarily donate according to personal wishes.
  • If you are planning to give gifts of feng shui, you need to find out the meaning of each one. Or you can also ask for help from feng shui masters.

How to give gifts

  • Directly give the gift to your boss at a time when there are no people. Choose a suitable place such as the boss’s house, cafe or restaurant.
  • You must avoid crowded places like the workplace. This will make the boss uncomfortable and embarrassed for other employees.
  • Above all, you have to have a very sincere, polite attitude, and then the boss will surely feel your hearty gratitude.

Go on holiday

According to an analysis by Oxford Economics, employees who spend time on vacation, 6.5% of them will get a promotion or salary increase. This does not mean that after a trip, you will be promoted, but a vacation can increase employee productivity and improve morale.

There is a political opinion

Jenna Lyons, president and creative director of J.Crew Group Inc, said that “Make an opinion, don’t hide behind a colleague.” She also added that “ I cannot understand an employee if they never speak out or express their opinions even in a small conversation. Don’t be afraid to look stupid when you speak. Whether your idea is good or not, don’t be afraid to tell it to people. “