How to Use a Foot File?

A foot file instrument is basically used for pedicure treatments. Using a foot file is not a typical task; anyone can easily familiar with this tool. Different types of foot files have other uses techniques and many people today consider the best electronic foot files for pedicure as such tools are easy to handle and make your foot smoother.

Most electric foot files have some battery attached, and electronic instruments are best a person needs not put extra efforts to shed the dead skin.A foot file tool is made up of stony scale off material like emery or metal, which removes the dead and rough skin from the feet.

You can use such a tool in your daily foot care to help keep your heels and foot clean and smooth.  Foot file comes in various varieties, mainly foot buffer, foot scraper, or callus remover. Moreover, foot file comes in different types of strengths and styles. A foot file can be electric or manual. Let’s go through the detailed process of foot filling.

How to Use a Foot File?

Step by step procedures to utilize a foot file!

  •       Choose a foot file:- as foot files come in varieties of shapes, designs, and styles, and it’s up to you which one you prefer. Each foot file, either manual or electronic, has a significant effect on your skin, but we advise you to go for the best electronic file, as it is easy to handle and make your feet more smooth.

Almost every foot files consist of two sides in which one is rougher than the other. For the first time, a person using it must use it with the rough side, followed by the more delicate side. Many professionals believe that the Electric foot file gives perfect results. In some cases, many use a sterilized glass foot file; this technique is also appropriate. We advise you to buy a thicker one that does not break easily.

  •       Use pumice: – if you wish to get extra soft skin, get some pumice stone. Many pumice stone comes with a handle attached to it, and it is best if you can arrange any. Such a thing will make it easier for you to use.
  •       Arrange a water basin: – you can take any container that can work on submerging your feet. Arranging a foot spa basin is not essential, but it is beneficial for them if a person can set one. Fill that container with warm water.
  •       Add some enhancer: – one can either add hand soap or shampoo to produce foam or lather. Moreover, you can add-on some foil or perfume according to your choice. Add some minerals or Epsom salt if you can, as it will help in healing crack of aching feet and heels.

How to Use a Foot File

If you want to moisturize your skin sufficiently, add some teaspoon of essential oil like chamomile or lavender. Apart from this, you can utilize aromatic or olive oil. Add some marine algae, mineral-rich seaweed, or menthol is also useful.

  •       Soak feet: – after your water basin is ready; you can soak your feet into it.  You can wash your feet for 5 minutes, but ideally, a person should keep feet in it for at least 10-15 minutes. Keep checking your feel and ensure until it becomes smooth up to expectations.  The particular step or method will prevent your feet from any injury or bleeding.
  •       Dry Feet: – the next step is to dry your feet; for this, place a soft towel by the side of the water basin. When you feel that your feet have become smooth and wrinkly, take them out from the water basin and place them on your towel. After that, smoothly rub the towel all over on your feet. Rub towel until your feet become dry enough to use a foot file.
  •       Direct rough areas: – to analyze rough spots on feet, move your hands over the feet. Analyze the parts where thick skin is more likely to observe, like the heel, top of your toes, ball of the foot, and foot sides. When you have found the areas to work on, you can start using a foot file without further thinking.
  •       Utilize the foot file:- pick your foot and spot it on the other leg’s knee. Bend your foot extending with the goal that the foot ball stands out additional. Hold the foot file against the foot and descending way, scrap the dead hard skin. Utilize the harsh side first. The best electronic foot file is a safe option in this regard.

Continue scratching until all the region of the foot gets smooth. Abstain from utilizing the foot file in the delicate areas. In the event that you notice the hard skin is still there, use the opposite side of the foot file. Also, scrap the other foot by setting it on the knee of the contrary leg.

How to Use a Foot File?

  •       Examine feet: – move your hands over your feet and check if there is still some dead skin left. If you feel some harshness, reuse the foot file and pumice stone. Try not to abuse them since it can cause redness, disturbance, or cuts.
  •       Apply lotion: – moisturizing your feet is essential. Apply some lotion on your feet can help you do this task. Apart from lotion, you can apply any cream or oil but make sure that it meshes the moisture into the skin.
  •       Back rub feet: – Kneading is truly useful for the recently uncovered skin. It decreases torment, builds blood circulation, and loosens up muscles. Back rub each foot in turn for, in any event, two minutes. Handle the foot in two hands. Utilize both the hands to press the foot close to the toes. Steadily climb towards the ankle. Use both the hands to contort the foot softly in inverse ways. Start at the toes and work up towards the ankle.

After following all these steps, you will get a rejuvenating foot. Making your foot more smooth using the best electronic foot file is a better option. Electronic foot files are mostly used as they make pedicure tasks more straightforward and effective. Before starting with the foot file, a person has to be sure which tool he wants to use. In our perspective, the electronic tool has more benefit than doing it manually.