A re-usable bottle is eco-friendly. However, you ought to clean properly for hygiene purposes. We will help you understand how you can properly do so. There is even a section dedicated solely to help you clean your best glass water bottles.

Properly Cleaning your water Bottles

Useful Cleaning Tips

  • Use hot water and add lots of soap. That works well towards disinfecting your water bottle
  • Use liquid meant for dishwashing sparingly. Too much of it give you a hard time in getting rid of the bubbles.
  • In order to add onto the hygiene achievements, make use of sanitizing tablets.

All of the above applies for the inside as well as the outside. It would be a waste cleaning only the inside. Do this after every use, and you will have successfully kept germs at bay.

Step by Step Procedure

Since most water bottles are dishwasher friendly, many people would opt for the easy way out. It is effective too but unfortunately, it does not match up to the results of cleaning the bottle by hand. All you need is dishwashing liquid, hot water, and gloves if you like. Below are the steps to follow

Basic Cleaning

  • Fill your water bottle with hot water
  • Close it, shake, and pour out half of it
  • To create foam, add a small amount of dishwashing soap and shake
  • Dispense as much of it as you can through the caps opening if there is one. That helps clean the nozzle as well
  • Once done, rinse the water bottle thoroughly
  • Leave it to dry on the draining rack
  • Rinse once more before storing the bottle for next use

Deep Cleaning

  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and bleach to 4 liters of water
  • Fill the bottle with that solution and leave it for one night
  • Pour out the solution through the bottles opening or nozzle if there is one
  • Rinse extensively, making sure no remnants of the cleaning solution are left
  • Place the water bottle on a rack to dry
  • Rinse one more time before storing the bottle for reuse

Make sure you have read through the instructions on your bleaching agent. Some specifically prohibit mixing with some materials. They also go further and list instructions on safe usage.

Cleaning a Glass Water Bottle

The method used to clean a glass bottle will majorly depend on the substance stored. For instance, alcohol, syrup, oil, and milk leave dissimilar remains calling for diverse washing techniques. Many might avoid the struggle by simply using a dishwasher. Nonetheless, that option is not available to most and chances are, it will not do a thorough job. Here are manual ways of properly doing it.

  • Use hot water as with other bottles above. Take note, extremely hot water could shatter the glass, although most food-grade glass does not shatter easily
  • Use a mild bleaching agent, as above, minus the baking soda
  • Get some sanitizing tablets made for glass cleaning. Put them in and soak in warm water for 15-30 minutes.
  • Rinse the water bottle thoroughly
  • Use a no-rinse sanitizing solution to rid it of any germs


Cleaning water bottle for reuse works wonders in keeping the environment clean. Do it rightly, store them well, and you are assured of a hygienic way of carrying your drinks. You might even label your bottle to keep people from using them for other purposes. Also, some water bottles come with cleaning details. Such information could be useful too. Perhaps, a disadvantage of washing is the colors and decorations fading out. But that is a price worth paying for, in pursuit of clean ways of transporting your drinks.

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